A Message from CEO Ross L. John, Sr. — Personal and Professional Philosophy (“Mission”)

A Rising Tide Carries All Ships

Nya: wëh sgë:nö’ gagwe:göh,

"An essential component of my mission is to network with Native American Nations and entities across the North Americas, as well as Indigenous Peoples across the Globe, in order to build a lasting consortium of business enterprises and humanitarian entities. As an enrolled member of the Seneca Nation of Indians, I believe that individually, Aboriginal Americans are a small group of people, but as Aboriginal enterprises and initiatives continue to develop and grow, the collective Indigenous People will become a National and International force in the market place as well as in socio-political arenas. Toward this end, Indigenous Peoples’ combined resources bring strength to our quality of life, culture, and the sovereignty of our respective Nations, while also serving to expand the “Minority” presence in market places that are generally dominated by Non-Minority businesses. Thus, I am strongly committed to fostering various trade, distribution, and business enterprises, which will ultimately become a model that can be transferred and applied to all Native and Minority economies for generations to come. In sum, I believe national and global partnerships among and between Native American Nations, Indigenous Peoples and other Minority Business Interests is vital to the survival and success of our collective future In furtherance of this holistic philosophy, I am, through RJE, embarking on an aggressive campaign to work with Indigenous and Minority markets that have been traditionally under-represented, under-capitalized, and under-resourced in launching their business enterprises and in bringing their goods/products to mainstream markets. You are invited to contact RJE and to join with us in building Our Collective Future."

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